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The Edward D. Miller Center

Phoenix House is delighted to announce plans for The Edward D. Miller Center, a state-of-the-art substance abuse treatment facility located in Hauppauge, Long Island. The Miller Center will be dedicated to the development and teaching of the latest in evidence-based treatment approaches and Clinical Excellence Initiatives.


Phoenix House has a one-time chance to build a 100-bed inpatient treatment facility with an outpatient treatment clinic and medical and dental facility using a $16.5 million grant from New York State. These funds will be available if Phoenix House can secure $3.4 million in private funding and a long-time supporter of Phoenix House, the LuEsther Mertz Charitable Trust, has offered a $1 million matching grant.

This means that every dollar we can raise has incredible impact. At this location, we will provide the highest standards of treatment possible, as well as training for a new generation of highly skilled addiction treatment professionals who understand and are able to use the latest and most effective treatment approaches.  Additionally, the Miller Center will house a dedicated unit to serve the needs of returning veterans and military personnel.

The benefits to Phoenix House, to our clients, and to all the residents of Long Island who substance abuse touches in some way will be profound. The Edward D. Miller Center will offer the best possible care—giving hope, reuniting families, and rebuilding lives.

For information on how you can help make The Edward D. Miller Center a reality, please contact the Phoenix House development department at 646.505.2106.

Phoenix House on Long Island

Phoenix House currently operates the single largest substance abuse treatment system on Long Island and is the only provider that offers an array of specialized services to address co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders – services that give patients the best chance for sustained recovery.

Phoenix House’s Long Island sites serve around 500 people on any given day, providing intensive residential, community residential and outpatient treatment, and medical and dental services. While Phoenix House has been highly successful in meeting the needs of individuals in these programs, the actual facilities that house the programs were not originally designed for substance abuse treatment delivery and are inadequate to satisfy current treatment demands