Phoenix House Rhode Island

Marie Moore

Program Director

New England“I’ve learned more from clients than I’ll ever be able to teach. Everyone has touched my life in some way - I’m proud to be here.”

Throughout Marie Moore’s 19 years of experience in the field of behavioral health care, she has enjoyed seeing the moment when someone decides to make a change in their life: “You can see when there’s a light switch in somebody’s head and they make a connection: ‘I can do this, I can keep going forward.’ That always is extremely motivating.”

After earning a B.S. of Elementary Education at the University of Rhode Island, Marie started her career in behavioral health at a program for adults with cognitive and physical challenges. Then she worked at a methadone program that wanted her to use her background in education to develop a GED program for clients with co-occurring mental health issues. She first began counseling at Discovery House, where she oversaw clients who had co-occurring mental health issues. She found that counseling combined her previous experience and interests: “The addiction and the mental health and the educational piece all flowed together.”

Marie is now a Licensed Chemical Dependency Clinical Supervisor and is certified to treat both chemical dependencies and co-occurring disorders. She has been working with Phoenix House New England since 1995, starting as a counselor and eventually becoming program director. She now oversees men and women’s residential treatment in Exeter and Providence, Rhode Island. Her job allows her to balance administrative tasks with clinical care so she’s still able to facilitate group therapy and talk with clients. Her care for clients has made her a four-time recipient of the Phoenix House Excellence Award.

Marie’s involvement in state licensing procedures has also given her an in-depth look at the state of treatment in Rhode Island. Marie sits on the Board of Directors that certifies chemical dependency professionals in Rhode Island and has served on the Rhode Island Independent Peer Review Committee, a committee of volunteers that meets to identify trends and issues in the field.

Although it’s a challenging field, she knows Phoenix House is employing the best research-tested practices: “Our leadership has a grasp on where we’re going. We’re trying to stay ahead of the learning curve and really provide quality service and care to the clients.

Phoenix House provides individualized care so that people can get short-term care or longer-term care depending on their needs and goals. When Marie talks to clients, she tells them everyone sets their own goals in treatment and life: “It’s like you have a puzzle of your life in front of you and you’re trying to fit the pieces of your life together. What makes sense? No one has the exact same puzzle that you do. You have to figure that out for yourself, which piece fits. It really is up to the individual.”

“The folks that we see are very creative, intelligent and are at a place in their lives when they have suffered some losses and just need some direction,” Marie says. “Phoenix House offers them an opportunity to make significant changes in their life.”