Kelly Aubry

Director of Residential and Outpatient Services

Texas“I love my job, I love what we do, and I love the people we work with.”

Kelly Aubry is a licensed professional counselor and has been working in the field of adolescent treatment since 2005. Kelly, who received her Master of Arts in Counseling from St. Edwards University in 2009, has worked in multiple residential and inpatient environments and has experience treating psychiatric, behavioral, and substance-related disorders.

Kelly originally wanted to go into the field of physical therapy but fell in love with the field of psychology when she took an introductory course during her first semester in college. While she was still in college, she worked as direct care staff at San Marcos Treatment Center, a center that provides mental health evaluation and treatment to adolescents with behavioral, neurodevelopmental, or neuropsychiatric problems.

“I decided I wanted to broaden my experience while still working with adolescents,” Kelly says, so she turned to Phoenix House Academy in Austin and was hired as a residential counselor in 2009. Phoenix House Academy provides residential and outpatient services for male and female adolescents who struggle with substance and co-occurring mental health problems. Since the adolescents at Phoenix House Academy have mental health diagnoses, Kelly provides valuable clinical expertise with her background in mental health evaluation and treatment.

Kelly worked as a counselor and in admissions before becoming clinical manager in 2012. She supervised all of the counselors and the clinical services in treating chemical dependency and mental health issues. “No matter how difficult or how stressful it gets, the Austin team, both management and clinical, are really great,” she says. “We’re able to work together and support each other and be there for the kids.”

Now, as Director of Residential and Outpatient Services, she supervises a great team of professionals and coordinates care for many clients in different settings.  Kelly ensures that client satisfaction and customer service are valued by all employees.

Despite the many changes in the health care industry, Kelly’s team works to ensure that clients are receiving the same high level of care, and the team advocates for clients who are relying on health insurance so those clients are able to access the services they need. Kelly sums it up, “I love my job, I love what we do, and I love the people we work with.”