Our staff provides expert clinical care to bring our clients to lasting recovery.

At Phoenix House, clients receive care from a multidisciplinary team of experts, including medical doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, alcohol and drug dependency counselors, and other specialists. For these professionals, addiction treatment is more than just a job; it’s a passion. We invite you to learn more about our team by clicking the profiles below and by clicking here to learn more about the Phoenix House Leadership Team.

Our Chief Clinical Officer, Benjamin R. Nordstrom, M.D., Ph.D.

“We believe in using our clients’ strengths to help them develop and sustain a meaningful recovery from substance use disorders.”

Dr. Nordstrom is Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer at Phoenix House.


Brendan Kavanaugh

Program Director
As a Program Director, Brendan embraces treatment innovations to best serve our clients.

Errol Small, Jr., MA, MFTi

Program Director, Phoenix House Venice
Errol has nearly 20 years experience as a therapist, manager, and administrator.

Shawna Morris

Senior Vice President and Executive Director
Shawna brings 26 years of experience in healthcare and behavioral health organizations.


David Fields

Clinical Director, Residential Services
David, a supervising counselor, supervises staff, counsels, & coordinates daily program activities.

Jillian Connelly

Program Director
Jillian enjoys seeing her clients fulfill their goals and regain hope as Supervising Counselor.

Maria Alvarez

Vice President Florida
Maria's commitment to supporting recovery has helped drive her 10-year career at Phoenix House.


Tracy Vickers

Program Manager
Tracy has been serving patients at Phoenix House since 2012.


Doris Brown

Program Director
Doris brings more than 20 years experience serving women and children.

Melissa Nolan, RN

Regional Director, Rhode Island and Eastern Massachusetts Programs
Melissa has 17 years of experience in clinical, operational, and management. She also has a passion for the addiction field.

Mike Reynolds, LMSW, LADC

Program Director
Mike has eighteen years of experience in the social services fields and hopes to continue working to help others.

New Hampshire

Amelie Gooding

Program Director
Amelie has committed her long career in New Hampshire to improving outcomes for those suffering from addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Peter Dal Pra, LADC, LCS

Program Director
Peter, a program director, has served as a leader and advocate for treatment in New Hampshire.

New York

Dan Boylan

Program Director
Dan believes in early intervention and works with his staff to help teens make better choices.

Denise Buckley

Director of Community Residences
Denise, director of community residences, is motivated by a belief in second chances.

Julia Floyd-Ventura

Vice President and Director of Mental Health and Military Services
Julia, director of mental health & military services, manages New York's mental health programs.

Shaun Willis

Director of Outpatient Services for Long Island
As director of outpatient services in Long Island, Shaun develops a vision of clinical excellence.

Susan Pikser

Director of Quality Assurance for Mental Health Services
As director of quality assurance for mental health services, Susan is dedicated to delivering high-caliber care to our clients.

Vincent Vaglica

Program Director
As Program Director, Vincent loves seeing people begin new journeys.

Vincenzo Panico

Clinical Director
Vincenzo has seen our model of vocational services and treatment transform clients' lives.

Rhode Island

Daniel J. McCormick

Senior Vice President, Executive Director
With more than 35 years of experience in healthcare administration, Dan provides exceptional strategic and operational leadership in New England.

Lee M. Bradshaw, MA, C.A.G.S., CAADC, QMHC

Director, Outpatient Services
Lee experience has 17 years working with Women, adolescents, mothers and children who are suffering from a substance use disorder.

Marie Moore

Program Director
A program director, Marie is certified to treat chemical dependency & co-occurring disorders.

Melissa Nolan, RN

Regional Director, Rhode Island and Eastern Massachusetts Programs
Melissa has 17 years of experience in clinical, operational, and management. She also has a passion for the addiction field.


Cyrus Martin

Cyrus has been practicing in the field for years, and thrives on meeting the needs of his community.

David Wright

Nurse Manager
David strives to provide client centered care that incorporates each client as a whole into their individualized plan of care.

Doug Reed

Senior Vice President and Executive Director
Doug provides management leadership and operational oversight for Texas programs.

Drew Dutton

Program Director
Drew focuses on solutions and uses hands-on, experiential learning to help teens.

Gia Yasmeen

Prevention Supervisor
Gia manages and supervises our prevention programs for teens.

John J. O’Neill

Vice President and Director of Clinical Services
John has 25 years of experience in the field of mental health.

Juan-Carlos Rangel

Coalition Coordinator
An integral member of our prevention team, Juan-Carlos connects families to resources for support.

Kelly Garrett Aubry

Director of Residential and Outpatient Services
Kelly has experience treating psychiatric, behavioral & substance-related disorders.

Kiran Virani

Outpatient Manager
Kiran's experience with psychiatric patients led her to help those struggling with substance abuse.

Megan Olson

Clinical Supervisor
Megan ensures a thriving and positive treatment environment for teens in our Dallas programs.

Meredith Mullens Meurer

Clinical Supervisor
Meredith is a strong believer in the power of a positive therapeutic relationship and ensures that every client feels like they can make positive changes in their own life.

Stefanie Kutra

Outpatient Manager
Stefanie has a master’s degree in marriage & family counseling and works as an outpatient counselor and supervisor.

Sulipsa Luque

Outpatient Manager
Sulipsa strives for positive communities that support clients and their families through their treatment journey.

Willie Porter

House Manager
Willie helps patients make an impact in their own lives, with their families, and the community.


James Henzel

Regional Program Director
James leads the RISE programs and builds up their services and community partnerships.


Arlene Krohmal

Clinical Care Manager
As clinical care manager, Arlene supports families and clients through the recovery process.

Debby Taylor

Senior Vice President and Executive Director
With over 40 years of experience, Debby is an award-winning leader in her community and the field.

George Knoerlein

Director of Clinical Operations
As Director of Clinical Operations, George has worked with us from the beginning of his career in counseling.

Jane Nevins

Clinical Director
As clinical director, Jane brings 25 years of experience in the field of addiction treatment.

Kelly Rankin

Program Director
A program director, Kelly helps mothers overcome addiction and build family relationships.

Kevin Shuler

Residential Supervisor
A residential supervisor, Kevin has been helping teens at Phoenix House since 2000.

Pattie Schneeman

Clinical Director
As clinical director, Pattie oversees programs, training, and compliance.

Reggie Williams

Residential Manager
Reggie, a residential manager, oversees daily operations and conducts evidence-based group therapy.

Susan Spies

Director of Nursing
A family nurse practitioner, Susan provides medical care for our clients.