The Creative Expressions of a Client

It is with pleasure that Phoenix Houses of Texas recognize some of the writings inspired by sobriety that clients hope will help encourage others to do great things in their lives and to help bring out the talents of others.

Wilmer, Texas Clients Creating a New Environment

Clients of Phoenix Houses of Texas – Wilmer DCJTC pull together to make their houses feel more like home. With collaborative efforts, clients are able to create and design superior residential landscaping.

Phoenix House Poetry Slam

Phoenix House Dallas County Judicial Treatment Center hosts its first Poetry Slam! The purpose of the event is to empower clients through creative arts expression, as well as be an outlet for stress in a controlled therapeutic environment.

Growing in Texas

At the Phoenix Houses of Texas adult residential program just south of Dallas, Texas, clients are growing in more ways than one. As part of the treatment program, there are vegetable gardens growing in both the mens’ and womens’ areas of the campus. The residents are taught basic gardening skills and are given the responsibility of maintaining the gardens. The gardening program provides clients tools and practice in taking care of, nourishing and being responsible for living things, whether it be vegetables, their families or themselves.