Shameless: The Unsympathetic Addict

Shameless, the hit TV series created by Paul Abbott, is anything but subtle. It paints a portrait of addiction’s “ripple effect” on the family—an effect that is by turns violent, gross, tragic, absurd, and hilarious, but never far off the mark.

Exploiting Marijuana To Survive “Survivor”

“Too often it gets associated with the big ailments like cancer and AIDS,” Survivor contestant Jim Rice says of marijuana, “It’s frustrating that it’s seen as a last option, when it’s really something people should be trying early on.” Really? A ten

Glee: Long on Music, Short on Message

Tuesday night, we watched the highly anticipated Glee episode “Blame It On the Alcohol,” expecting a show that would take a stance against teenage drinking and its consequences. What we got: just another TV show attempting to make teenage drinking appear humorous, lighthearted, and consequence-free. In response to a record number of student suspensions for…