True Story: Johnny

Johnny had been sober for 18 years when he relapsed. At Phoenix House, he found recovery.

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True Story: Tyelur

Tyelur became addicted to drugs when he was 14. After his dad put out a warrant for his arrest, he went to treatment at Phoenix House and is now in recovery.

True Story: Garriett

The true story of Garriett, who loved two things: drinking and driving fast cars. It wasn’t a good combination. He finally gave up one of them after a year at Phoenix House.

True Story: Heather

Heather came from a long line of addicts, and chaos felt normal. She abused drugs and alcohol and faced abuse in other ways–until she found the road to recovery at Phoenix House.

True Story: Jeffrey

The true story of Jeffrey, who went from being a good student to barely passing eighth grade because of drugs. He finally found recovery–and understanding from his family–when he went to rehab at Phoenix House.