California Clients and Staff Share Reasons to be Thankful

Clients and staff in California were asked: “What are you the most grateful for?” They said: “sobriety, health, food, and family.”

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What We Are Thankful for This Year at Phoenix House Los Angeles

Our clients and staff from Phoenix House treatment centers in Venice and Los Angeles count their blessings this Thanksgiving.

The Alumni Association at Mid-Atlantic will be Hosting a Marathon Meeting on Christmas Day

The Phoenix Houses of Mid-Atlantic Alumni Association will be hosting a marathon meeting on Christmas Day from 9am to 10pm.

Phoenix Houses of Texas Gives Thanks

This year, we at Phoenix Houses of Texas, are thankful for the dedication of our clients who work so hard every day to lay the groundwork for a life free from addiction.

Giving Thanks (for Recovery)

On Thanksgiving, as I sat at the table, stuffing myself with turkey and pumpkin pie, I thought what a miracle it was that I was there at all. I surveyed the room filled with loved ones—grateful that I was still alive and that I no longer needed to use.