7 Time-Tested Tips for a Joyful and Sober Summer

If you’re in recovery, ensure that you have the tools to both strengthen your sobriety and enjoy the best of what this season has to offer with Phoenix House’s seven-point summer sobriety plan for every stage of recovery.

True Story: Greg

For Greg, who first drank as an altar boy at age 9, alcohol was both a refuge and fuel for his ego. Years later, after losing his job, license, marriage, and almost his life, Greg finally found Phoenix House and a willingness to truly change.

Chardonnay Frappuccino, Please?

Starbucks’ decision to serve alcohol in the evening has prompted backlash from defenders of the recovery community. But does this outrage send the right message about sober individuals?

True Story: Alex

“At my worst, I went to a club and blew all the money I’d saved on drugs. I looked in the mirror and said, ‘I have got to stop doing this.’ Phoenix House taught me to talk about how I feel and take things one day at a time.”

Gary: A True Story

My life is simpler now because as soon as someone says “Do you want to buy a beer?” I say “No, thanks.” I don’t have to think about how many bags of dope I can have and still function.