Paying for Treatment: 6 Things All Consumers Need to Know

Figuring out how to cover the cost of addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one can be overwhelming, . That’s why we’ve put together 6 key points all consumers need to know about paying for substance use disorder treatment.

Basketball Games to Begin at Academy in San Diego

A new basketball court at the Academy in San Diego will allow teen clients to play basketball, tennis, and badminton.

What Your First Days of Treatment Look Like at the Phoenix House Residential Program at Santa Ana

Our Director of Phoenix House Orange County Adult Services explains what to expect when you enter treatment at the Phoenix House Residential Program at Santa Ana.

True Story: Alisa

As soon as I walked through the Phoenix House door, I had an overwhelming sense of relief; I had made it. Today, when I remember that moment of clarity, that feeling of gratitude still washes over me and brings tears to my eyes.