Madonna’s Teaching Moment: Talking to Kids about Drugs

When Madonna spoke at a taping of the Jonathan Ross Show, the conversation turned to talking to kids about drugs–and the Material Girl revealed that she takes a “moderate” approach.

Blaming Dr. Drew

Is Dr. Drew to blame for the deaths of Celebrity Rehab stars? If Dr. Drew is giving his patients a long-term plan to manage their addiction, it may be unfair to lay the blame on him.

Ruthless Recovery: Relapse Isn’t Failure in House of Cards

Netflix’s House of Cards is worth watching for its depiction of two facets of recovery: its fragility and also its power, especially when that recovery comes with full honesty, transparency, and responsibility.

Join our Twitter #Popchat: Celebrity, Media, & Addiction

From models of recovery to tragic losses, stars are no strangers to substance abuse and the effects it can have on their lives and careers. But we can’t believe every celebrity addiction story we see in the media…or can we?