True Story: Morty

“I overdosed four times in six years, and the same guy saved my life twice…he yanked me from under a toilet door with a spike in my arm. If that door had been the length of the average toilet door, I wouldn’t be telling you this now.”

National Poetry Month: Words that Free Us

To celebrate National Poetry Month, we at Phoenix House are sharing client poetry from our Words That Free Us anthology. We invite you to share the words that free you–and you may be featured on our website and social media channels.

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Phoenix House Poetry Slam

Phoenix House Dallas County Judicial Treatment Center hosts its first Poetry Slam! The purpose of the event is to empower clients through creative arts expression, as well as be an outlet for stress in a controlled therapeutic environment.

Client Story: Edwin A.

“There was a time when things used to affect me to such extent that I would just run off and get high; now I can deal with any situation calmly and responsibly. This will be my 30th year in recovery, and I’m looking forward to it because I like my life now.”