True Story: Will

“I’m not running away from anything anymore—I’m running towards things, towards my goals. I look forward to challenges in life instead of disappearing into drinking and drugs.”

Guest Blogger: David Sheff’s Family Journey to Get “Clean”

David Sheff is the author of Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America’s Greatest Tragedy. On March 13, we will welcome David as a featured speaker in an opiate addiction forum.

Shameless: The Unsympathetic Addict

Shameless, the hit TV series created by Paul Abbott, is anything but subtle. It paints a portrait of addiction’s “ripple effect” on the family—an effect that is by turns violent, gross, tragic, absurd, and hilarious, but never far off the mark.

Why “Meducation” Isn’t the Answer to Failing Schools

Thoughtlessly prescribing addictive medications to improve a child’s grades is wrong, and so is perpetuating the idea that ADHD is “made up”—a notion that can lead the undiagnosed to self-medicate their ADHD by abusing other drugs.

Phoenix Fathers: Helping Dads Help Their Kids

This Father’s Day will be a particularly exciting one for the clients and staff at our Phoenix House Career Academy in Brooklyn, NY, as the holiday also marks the completion of treatment for the first participants in our Phoenix Fathers group.