Phoenix House Takes Part in FBI, DEA Educational Film

Phoenix House’s Deborah S. Taylor takes part in joint FBI, DEA educational film, “Chasing The Dragon,” an educational tool for teens and young adults to deter them from opiate abuse.

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Guest Blogger: Erin Marie Daly on Generation Rx

Erin Marie Daly’s book Generation Rx tells the story of America’s opioid addiction epidemic in a very personal way. In this post, she discusses what prompted her to write it, why we should care, and what we can do.

Fox 5 Talks with Phoenix House About Rise in Heroin Use

The number of people abusing heroin has risen in recent years as people turn from prescription drugs to heroin. FOX DC spoke with Bill Prasad, Clinical Supervisor, about the rise in heroin use.

Cory Monteith: Inside the Celebrity Pressure Cooker

How did the young star Cory Monteith become “the new, fresh face of heroin”? The likely culprit: prescription drugs.