True Story: Alex

Alex went from marijuana use to Percocet and heroin addiction. Stealing Christmas money from his family and doing drugs at school, he finally knew he was at his knees to his addiction.

Misunderstanding Addicted Moms

Every hour, one baby is born to a mother with an opiate addiction. Tennessee is addressing this problem the wrong way with a new law that makes it a crime to take drugs while pregnant.

How Did Wall Street’s Affluent Get Addicted to Opiates?

What we’re seeing on Wall Street is what we’re seeing among teenagers in Orange County, among veterans and active military personnel, among middle-aged women with chronic pain, among coal miners in West Virginia…the list goes on.

Fox 5 Talks with Phoenix House About Rise in Heroin Use

The number of people abusing heroin has risen in recent years as people turn from prescription drugs to heroin. FOX DC spoke with Bill Prasad, Clinical Supervisor, about the rise in heroin use.