True Story: Morty

“I overdosed four times in six years, and the same guy saved my life twice…he yanked me from under a toilet door with a spike in my arm. If that door had been the length of the average toilet door, I wouldn’t be telling you this now.”

True Story: Mikey

“So many people think marijuana can’t be an addiction, but it can. Because when you smoke weed like I did, and you feel like you can’t have fun without smoking, that’s you depending on weed to have fun. And dependence on a drug, that’s addiction.”

True Story: Allan

“If it wasn’t for Phoenix House, I wouldn’t be here right now, and I’m so grateful for that. Not that my life has been easy—it hasn’t been. But I’ve learned how to deal with things in a healthy way.”

Phoenix House Presents the West Side Story Project at Brooklyn Treatment Center

On Tuesday, February 12, invited guests gathered at Phoenix House’s Brooklyn treatment center for a special West Side Story Project (WSSP) community event that demonstrated the power of theater to promote positive relationships.

Phoenix House Partners with the Stella Adler Studio of Acting

In October, Phoenix House launched a new partnership with the Stella Adler School of Acting for residents of the Phoenix House Career Academy in Brooklyn.

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