Wesleyan’s Response to the Campus Drug Crisis

Phoenix House’s Susan O’Connor shared her insight on a panel offering responses to the recent Wesleyan drug crisis. O’Connor was invited in response to a blog she wrote, criticizing the view that testing MDMA for impurities means it is safe to use.

Missing the Point with Molly

Nearly a dozen Wesleyan students were hospitalized after using Molly, signaling the need to discuss how to help teens de-stress without drugs.

5 Things You May Not Know About Spice and Molly

Dr. Jonathan Whitfield, MD, Medical Director, alerts us of the substance abuse trends among teens and the alarming dangers of new drugs like Spice and Molly.

Molly: A Real Threat to Young Lives

Molly, a club drug rising in popularity, is posing serious threats to the health and safety of young people.

Molly: Not Your Mother’s Club Drug

New York’s end-of-summer music festival Electric Zoo was brought to a tragic end this past weekend after two young concertgoers died of an apparent Molly overdose. The event highlighted the drug’s dangers. Here’s what parents need to know.

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