True Story: Tyelur

Tyelur became addicted to drugs when he was 14. After his dad put out a warrant for his arrest, he went to treatment at Phoenix House and is now in recovery.

True Story: Amelia

Exposed to drugs at a young age, Amelia says that her life could have gone a much different way if she hadn’t gotten treatment as a teenager.

True Story: Hayley

“You can’t run from it, you have to face it. You can run from it all day long but it’s going to catch up with you and bite you in the butt. And if you face it, that’s the only way you’re going to recover.”

Teen Meth Use in San Diego

In light of a new report, our San Diego Adolescent Programs Director Elizabeth Urquhart discusses how to spot the warning signs of meth addiction.

True Story: Arantxa

I think deep down I knew all along that I wasn’t a bad person in my heart. I just needed someone to tell me that I’m strong and good and worth loving—and Phoenix House told me that. Because they believed in me, I started believing in myself.