Guest Blogger: NBC 10’s Dan Jaehnig Talks Media Portrayals of Addiction and Treatment

NBC 10 News anchor Dan Jaehnig, a six-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, talks about how the media portrays addiction and treatment–and what they could and should do differently.

The Sad Statistics Behind Kathie Lee and Hoda’s “Happy Hour”

TODAY show hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb often start the morning with wine and cocktails. In light of troubling studies regarding drinking among adult women, why are they glorifying a warning sign of alcoholism?

The U.S. Opiate Crisis in the News

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s recent death brings attention to an issue that communities across the country are battling each day—the misuse of prescription drugs, how prescription drug users turn to heroin, and the opiate crisis.

Dr. Mitch Rosenthal Weighs in on Marijuana Debate

Phoenix House founder, Mitchell S. Rosenthal, M.D., continues to be a prominent voice in the marijuana legalization debate.

Founder Mitch Rosenthal, M.D. Comments on Chiara De Blasio’s Addiction & Recovery

In interviews with WNBC and NY1, Phoenix House Founder Mitch Rosenthal, M.D. praised Chiara De Blasio, daughter of New York City’s mayor-elect, for coming forward with her addiction and recovery story.