This is Pot on Commercialization. Any Questions?

If you were thinking that Marley Natural was going to be a different kind of marijuana company, think again.

Woody Harrelson’s SNL Skit Is Really Funny! (Or is it?)

Saturday Night Live’s skit about New York’s new marijuana policy has some hilarious moments. But its underlying message isn’t so funny.

Prohibition: Not Repeatable, But Not a Failure

We learned during the 1920s that alcohol prohibition was unsustainable, and it would certainly never work today. That horse may be out of the barn—but using it as an excuse for drug legalization would be irresponsible and catastrophic. Let’s not go c

Prop. 19 Rejected: California Doesn’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

The results are in: after serious consideration, Californians voted against Prop. 19. This proposition has spurred some interesting conversation throughout the country, but in the end, it’s passing would have been ill-advised. In the words of Roger S

What Californians Can Learn From the Dutch: an Interview with Tom McLellan, Ph.D.

Tomorrow is Proposition 19’s big day. Here, Tom McLellan, Ph.D., former Deputy Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, discusses the risks of marijuana legalization and the lessons we can learn from the Dutch.