Army Substance Abuse Programs Need Healing

The Army’s Substance Abuse and Treatment Programs are in disarray, says a new USA Today investigation. With lives at stake, military leaders need to do more for personnel, who often suffer not only addiction, but co-occurring disorders like PTSD.

Phoenix House Florida Helps Curb Prescription Drug Addiction

Florida has made strides in the battle against opioid and prescription drug abuse throughout the state.

Phoenix House Launches Second Chance Texas

Our Texas region was excited to launch the Second Chance Texas Substance Abuse Early Intervention Program on May 20th, to provide early intervention services to at-risk young people throughout the Dallas area.

Coming Clean About “The Cleaner”

Back for a second season is A&E’s hit series “The Cleaner,” with Benjamin Bratt starring as an “extreme interventionist,” a character based on the life of the show’s co-executive producer Warren Boyd. What’s encouraging about “The Cleaner” is the exposure the series gives to drug misuse and the nature of addictive behavior. With more than…