Recovery is Something to Celebrate

Phoenix House Mid-Atlantic hosted the 19th Annual Celebration of Recovery in honor of current and previous clients. The event highlighted artwork, poetry, skits, and music performed by current clients.

“Heroin Highway” Receives Attention

WJLA News 7 presents week-long series on the destruction of lives along “Heroin Highway.” This span of interstate spans from Baltimore, Maryland to Winchester, Virginia impacting several communities.

Phoenix House Takes Part in FBI, DEA Educational Film

Phoenix House’s Deborah S. Taylor takes part in joint FBI, DEA educational film, “Chasing The Dragon,” an educational tool for teens and young adults to deter them from opiate abuse.

Soledad O’Brien: Reflections on “Heroin USA”

Last month, a powerful special report, “Heroin USA,” produced by Soledad O’Brien, aired on Al Jazeera. Recently Phoenix House caught up with O’Brien and asked her to reflect on “Heroin USA” and what she’d like viewers to take away from the special.

Naloxone: Why Saving Lives is the First Step

Since 2014, 32 states have passed laws to equip first responders with naloxone. In some states, family members and others can learn to administer the opioid antidote and be supplied with a kit. But we must do more to stem today’s opioid epidemic.