California Conference Reviews Clinical Transformation

Dr. Benjamin Nordstrom and Dr. Maja Trochimczyk presented the clinical transformation process at Phoenix House at the Substance Use Disorders Statewide Conference in California.

Phoenix House Discusses SBIRT at a Public Health Lecture

A December lecture on Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment included a panel with Phoenix House and other local providers, discussing SBIRT in primary health care and school locations.

Affordable Care Act Upheld: A Reason to Celebrate

The Supreme Court’s decision is a big win for our country, and especially, for those struggling with addiction, their families, and those of us who are dedicated to substance abuse treatment.

Pricey Treatment Doesn’t Mean Better Treatment

Sadly, cost can be one of the many reasons why more than 90 percent of those who meet criteria for substance abuse or dependence in this country don’t receive treatment. It might seem to regular folks that quality treatment is not within their budge

What Obama Really Said About Our Country’s Drug Policy

Howard Meitiner, Phoenix House President and CEO, sets the record straight about President Obama’s recent YouTube broadcast.