Halloween Is Scary, But Adolescence is Scarier

This weekend, as older teens and college students drive to and from Halloween parties, savvy parents may worry about their kids’ well-being. But they shouldn’t worry in silence.

Fighting Drugged Driving While Cutting Back Treatment?

Ignition interlock devices are a surface fix, whereas treatment addresses the roots of substance abuse and the motivations behind destructive behaviors. Healthy habits learned in treatment won’t just get your car to start; they’ll change your life for the better.

From Homeless to Healed: Debbie’s Story

Debbie’s addiction caused her to lose everything, but with the help of our Phoenix House Exeter Center, she got it all back—and found much more.

Driving Drunk With Kids: What Are They Thinking?

In 2003, 47 percent of children killed in alcohol-related crashes were in the same car as the drunk driver. These aren’t random killers – they are parents driving their own kids and their kids’ friends to a sleepover, to school or to the weekend socc