Introducing the Mid-Atlantic Alumni Association

The Phoenix House Mid-Atlantic Alumni Association is a great way to have fun while in recovery and to connect with others who have faced the same difficulties of substance use disorders.

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Pressured to Take Painkillers, Former NFL Players Sue

Former players filed a lawsuit against all 32 NFL teams last week. It alleges that, for decades, teams and their medical staff illegally conspired to obtain and distribute painkillers to players to keep them in the game. Here’s what needs to happen.

5 Things You May Not Know About Spice and Molly

Dr. Jonathan Whitfield, MD, Medical Director, alerts us of the substance abuse trends among teens and the alarming dangers of new drugs like Spice and Molly.

Phoenix House Talks to Texas Teens at Austin Middle School

Phoenix Houses of Texas reached out to equip middle school students with the skills to stay free from drugs and alcohol through the upcoming summer.

Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic Celebrates National Drug Facts Week!

This week adolescent clients of the Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic Counseling Center will celebrate National Drug Facts Week.