Are We Fighting Addiction, or Just Illegal Drugs?

“They wanna get you hooked on some legal sh*t!” Chris Rock says of the pharmaceutical industry. “They just keep on naming symptoms until they name the one you…got. It’s like, ‘Are you sad? Are you lonely? You got athletes foot?…Take this pill!”

Phoenix House Founder Attends Ditchley Conference on Drug War

Phoenix House Founder Mitchell S. Rosenthal, M.D. is attending a transatlantic conference debating a new approach to the War on Drugs. Hosted by the Ditchley Foundation, the conference focuses on the question: “How should drug control policy change?”

In the Drug War, We’re All Savages

The biggest fallacy of the new film, “Savages,” is its depiction of the marijuana trade as a simple case of good guys vs. bad guys: innocent California pot growers/dealers finding themselves unwittingly entangled with The Big Bad Mexican Drug Cartel.