Pressured to Take Painkillers, Former NFL Players Sue

Former players filed a lawsuit against all 32 NFL teams last week. It alleges that, for decades, teams and their medical staff illegally conspired to obtain and distribute painkillers to players to keep them in the game. Here’s what needs to happen.

Wesleyan’s Response to the Campus Drug Crisis

Phoenix House’s Susan O’Connor shared her insight on a panel offering responses to the recent Wesleyan drug crisis. O’Connor was invited in response to a blog she wrote, criticizing the view that testing MDMA for impurities means it is safe to use.

Medication for PTSD: A Band-Aid, Not a Solution

Psychologist Karen Binder-Brynes, Ph.D., is a leading expert in the field of post-traumatic stress. As this week’s guest blogger, she explains why medication alone won’t heal the wounds of war.