True Story: Julia

“During my addiction, I was broken, scared, and desperate for love. Now, I have the greatest gift—to help others see that people can and do recover.”

True Story: Jocelyn

“Phoenix House was just such a special place, and it did so much good for me; it got me to go to school and to finally step up and be the person I was supposed to be.”

True Story: Alisa

As soon as I walked through the Phoenix House door, I had an overwhelming sense of relief; I had made it. Today, when I remember that moment of clarity, that feeling of gratitude still washes over me and brings tears to my eyes.

True Story: Bryan

At Phoenix House, I realized that just days before I had been on the streets with nothing but the clothes on my back. I broke down. I began feeling emotions wash over me that I hadn’t felt in years. One of my first counselors told me, “if you want to

True Story: John B.

I wouldn’t wish drug addiction on my worst enemy. It’s horrible, and it can truly happen to anyone. Addiction doesn’t discriminate; it crosses every possible racial and economic barrier. I know of people who were millionaires who ended up using on th