Soledad O’Brien: Reflections on “Heroin USA”

Last month, a powerful special report, “Heroin USA,” produced by Soledad O’Brien, aired on Al Jazeera. Recently Phoenix House caught up with O’Brien and asked her to reflect on “Heroin USA” and what she’d like viewers to take away from the special.

The Anonymous People: What Does Anonymity Actually Mean?

Filmmaker Greg Williams’ has been in recovery since he was 17. His groundbreaking documentary, The Anonymous People, highlights the importance of sharing recovery stories in order to decrease stigma and inspire more people to get help.

Are We Fighting Addiction, or Just Illegal Drugs?

“They wanna get you hooked on some legal sh*t!” Chris Rock says of the pharmaceutical industry. “They just keep on naming symptoms until they name the one you…got. It’s like, ‘Are you sad? Are you lonely? You got athletes foot?…Take this pill!”