Jennifer Aniston Shows Living with Pain No Piece of Cake

Jennifer Aniston’s portrayal of a chronic pain patient addicted to painkillers is convincing and heartbreaking–but where is the mention of treatment?

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While the holidays are often joyous, they’re also notorious for setting off triggers for even the most even-keeled among us. #cheerschat

True Story: Arantxa

I think deep down I knew all along that I wasn’t a bad person in my heart. I just needed someone to tell me that I’m strong and good and worth loving—and Phoenix House told me that. Because they believed in me, I started believing in myself.

True Story: Loralie

When my brother introduced me to heroin, it numbed everything else for me and made me forget all of the feelings of failure. I was caught up in the whirlwind of using drugs and lying, cheating, stealing to get more.

True Story: Andrena

“These days I talk to my family all the time—my siblings and my mom. But I’m also still in touch with the folks from Phoenix House; they’ll be my “family” forever.”