True Story: Jacqueline

At Phoenix House I learned to see the consequences of my addiction. I would rather be clean and sober than deal with the negativity of getting high and the trouble it causes. I hold myself accountable for my own actions.

True Story: Joey

“In recovery,” says Joey, “My whole life has changed. Before, nobody wanted me around. Today, everyone does. What a blessing!”

True Story: Valdivio

I’ve never known a successful drug user. Sure, you’re successful for a little bit, but in the end drugs only take you to jail or worse. Recovery, on the other hand—every day since I got clean has been the happiest day of my life.

True Story: Eliouse

“At Phoenix House, I finally had people who wouldn’t let me manipulate my way out of every situation. I completed treatment and I’ve never looked back.”

True Story: April

“For me, recovery means letting go and taking responsibility. It’s a lifelong process that Phoenix House allowed me to begin.”