True Story: Paul

“Rehab is a place where you learn to live again. I re-learned how to be good to people, how to be respectful, how not to lie to people. My advice to those struggling with addiction is never give up. Always fight.”

True Story: Kevin

“I can remember it as clear as day: it was 1970. Pizza cost 15 cents. I was fifteen years old, in Junior High School, and this guy I knew came up to me with a little white bag and gave me something to sniff. As soon as I took it I was hooked.”

True Story: Jacqueline

At Phoenix House I learned to see the consequences of my addiction. I would rather be clean and sober than deal with the negativity of getting high and the trouble it causes. I hold myself accountable for my own actions.

True Story: Loralie

When my brother introduced me to heroin, it numbed everything else for me and made me forget all of the feelings of failure. I was caught up in the whirlwind of using drugs and lying, cheating, stealing to get more.

True Story: Julia

“During my addiction, I was broken, scared, and desperate for love. Now, I have the greatest gift—to help others see that people can and do recover.”