Mid-Atlantic Teenager Shares her Recovery Story with National Broadcaster

Ashley, now receiving substance abuse treatment at Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic, was brave enough to share her story of bathsalt use with Voice of America (VOA), a national broadcast institution that reaches up to 120 million people globally.

Vigilance is Key to ‘Bath Salt’ Drug Ban, Officials Say

While Florida recently banned drugs known as “bath salts”, experts believe companies will find ways to get around the state’s ban. Phoenix House Clinical Director Jack Feinberg comments on the “designer drugs” trend and gives his advice to parents on

Designer Drugs: How Can We Help Our Kids?

Recently, Texas followed the lead of several other states by banning K2, Spice, and other synthetic marijuana products. But when it comes to helping kids in need, the best tool to protect our kids’ futures isn’t the law; it’s us.

Designer Drugs: We Can’t Give Up the Race

We will never be able to predict and stamp out the next new drug before it appears in basements and dorm rooms across the country. What we can do is advocate and increase prevention, education and treatment services to change cultural attitudes towar