Philip Seymour Hoffman’s All Too Ordinary Death

In Philip Seymour Hoffman, we lost an uncommonly brilliant actor to a heroin overdose. Unfortunately, tragedies like this have become much too common.

Dr. Andrew Kolodny Teaches About Prescription Drugs

Dr. Andrew Kolodny, PHF Chief Medical Officer, presented the dangers of prescription drug abuse to clinical staff at Phoenix Houses of California. The overdose epidemic is correlated to sales volume of opioids wrongly prescribed for chronic pain.

Phoenix House Appoints Dr. Andrew Kolodny as Chief Medical Officer

Phoenix House welcomes Andrew Kolodny, M.D., as Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Kolodny, a nationally recognized psychiatrist and public health advocate, will oversee clinical programming.

Chief Medical Officer Andrew Kolodny Weighs in on Krokodile

Phoenix House Chief Medical Officer Andrew Kolodny, MD, talked with FOX New York about recent reports that krokodile, a flesh-eating synthetic heroin, has surfaced in the United States.

Phoenix House Sponsors Rally to Address Painkiller Abuse

On Tuesday October 1, Phoenix House sponsored the “Fed Up!” Rally for a Federal Response to the Opioid Epidemic.