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All Phoenix House facilities will remain OPEN unless there is specific notification to the contrary from either the President; Senior Vice President of Human Resources; or, Senior Vice President & Regional Director of PHNY.

Administrative Offices:

In cases where a decision is made not to open administrative facilities (or to open late) due to an emergency situation or inclement weather conditions, a message will be placed on the Phoenix House Internet Emergency Message Center at www.phoenixhouse.org/staff.   Employees can use the internet to determine if or when Phoenix Houses administrative facilities will be closed.

In cases where a decision is made to close administrative facilities when employees are already at work, employees will be notified of the early closing (via e-mail or other means) and will be directed to leave the worksite as quickly and safely as possible.  There is no need for employees to repeatedly contact management or human resources to determine if a facility will be closing – if a notice of early closing has not been sent out our facilities remain open.

Clinical Facilities:

Phoenix House clinical facilities remain open 24 hours a day.  Thus, those employees providing clinical support and services to our clients are expected to make every effort to report to work even in inclement weather. When situations such as mass transit failure or local travel advisories make it absolutely impossible to travel to the clinical work site, Phoenix House, at its discretion, may direct clinical staff to remain at home or may ask clinical staff to report to a facility nearer their home than the normal work location.

When it is absolutely impossible for a clinical employee to arrive on time or to report to work due to local travel advisories and/or mass transit failure, the employee must notify their supervisor of a possible lateness or absence at least 60 minutes before the start of his/her regular shift.

At its discretion, Phoenix House may require clinical staff currently on duty to remain in the facility in an emergency situation or inclement weather.

Pay Considerations:

When a Phoenix House facility is closed for inclement weather or an emergency situation, employees will be paid for a normal work day.  For non-exempt employees, hours paid when the facility is closed due to inclement weather or emergency will not count toward time worked in computing overtime pay.  When there is an early close or late start, the employee will need to make two entries for that day on the e-timecard.  One entry will be for the hours worked and should be coded as “TW.”  The other entry will be for the time associated with the early close or late opening and should be coded as “EC.”  The EC code cannot be used in conjunction with any type of paid or unpaid leave.

Unless there is a specific notification that Phoenix House facilities will be closed or Phoenix House specifically directs an employee to stay at home due to travel conditions, employees are expected to report to work.

If Phoenix House facilities are open, and an employee chooses not to come to work, the day will be an “unpaid absence” unless the employee takes the day as a personal day or vacation day (assuming the employee has accrued personal and/or vacation days available).

If you have any questions about the Phoenix House Inclement Weather/Emergency Closing Policy, contact your Supervisor or Human Resources Representative.