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Marijuana Remains a Topic of Debate

With laws varying by state, marijuana legalization continues to be widely debated across the country.

Thousands Join Together to Call for a Federal Response to the Opioid Addiction Epidemic

On September 28, 2,000 members of the medical community, people in recovery, family members of overdose victims, and other activists gathered in Washington, D.C., for the second annual FED UP! Rally.

Russia Refuses U.S. Help in Fighting Drug Trafficking

Russia has decided to give the United States the cold shoulder in the drug war by dropping U.S. help in fighting drug trafficking. Russia has rejected an agreement that fostered international cooperation in the war on drugs.

Secret Service Adopts Policy Against Excessive Drinking

In the wake of the worst scandal in Secret Service history, the Secret Service has formally adopted new rules against excessive drinking and sharing work-related information on social networking sites.

New Program Aims to Teach Physicians How to Treat Addiction

Few physicians know how to recognize addiction or treat it, even though they may see addicted patients on a regular basis and even treat the conditions their addictions cause. A new program aims to change this.

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