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Wall Street Journal

Death Rates for Middle-Aged White Americans Increase

Fatalities related to opioids, alcohol, and suicide caused death rates for middle-aged white Americans to surge, in contrast to declining rates in other groups.

Illegal Online Pharmacies Prove Difficult to Police

An estimated 40,000 to 60,000 websites well drugs online without a prescription. Who is responsible for policing them?

Injection to Counteract Painkiller Overdose Approved by FDA

A product designed to revive patients from an overdose of prescription painkillers was recently approved by the FDA.

Studies Say ADHD Drugs Don’t Improve Academic Outcomes

Recent studies show that taking ADHD drugs does not necessarily improve a child’s performance in school. The drugs do seem to improve memory and other cognitive skills, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to higher grades.

Painkiller Abuse Spreads to Western States

Painkiller abuse is spreading to new Western states. The epidemic has been plaguing Southern and Eastern U.S. states and has now spread to states like Oregon, Colorado, Washington, and Idaho, which now have the highest rates of prescription abuse.

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