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Many Troubled by OxyContin Approved for Kids

Doctors treating young cancer patients praised the decision, the governor of Vermont was “horrified,” and addiction experts expressed deep concern.

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“Good to Know” Marijuana Education Campaign Launched in Colorado

The first state to permit recreational marijuana sales is launching a public awareness campaign to educate visitors and residents alike about regulations regarding use.

Supreme Court Rules on Drug Law

The Supreme Court has ruled on a drug law that gave drug dealers tougher sentences if their drugs contributed to a client’s harm or death.

Study: Binge Drinking Down Among NCAA Athletes

A new survey finds that binge drinking is down among NCAA athletes, but use of prescription pain medication is up. Since 2005, binge drinking is down 19% for males and 8% for females.

Study: Heavily-Drinking Men Lose Memory Faster

A new study says middle-aged men who drink heavily—defined as an average 2.5 drinks or more per day—later experience faster memory loss than moderate or non-drinkers.

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