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Same Genes Influence Risk for Alcohol Abuse, Eating Disorders

A new study has found that the same genes may influence a person’s susceptibility to both alcohol abuse and eating disorders, putting a person with one condition at a higher risk for the other.

Excessive Drinking Costs States Billions, Says CDC

Excessive drinking costs each state an average of $2.9 billion every year, according to a new analysis by the Centers for Disease Control.

Study: Meth Addiction Harder to Treat in Teen Girls

A new study has found that it may be more difficult to treat meth addiction in teen girls than in teen boys. The boys in the study produced twice as many methamphetamine-free urine tests than the girls.

Study: Strict Moms Positively Influence Kids’ Friends to Drink Less

When it comes to underage drinking and drugs, moms matter—not just to their own kids but also to their children’s friends. These friends are less likely to get drunk, binge drink and smoke marijuana.

Binge Drinking During Pregnancy Causes Cognitive Abnormalities

A new study finds that heavy drinking during pregnancy can cause cognitive abnormalities even when the child doesn’t show physical signs of fetal alcohol syndrome.

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