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U.S. Heroin-Related Deaths Quadrupled

Opioid addiction and overdose death rates have been skyrocketing for more than a decade.

Colorado and Washington Deal with Stoned Drivers

Recreational marijuana use is legal in Colorado and Washington, and officials are still struggling with the issue of stoned drivers.

Prenatal Smoking May Increase Child’s Risk of Substance Abuse

Smoking while pregnant may make your child more prone to addictions later on, a new study says. Prenatal nicotine use may affect the reward system in the child’s brain.

Urban Outfitters Discontinues Prescription-Themed Products

Urban Outfitters has pulled prescription-themed products from its shelves, in response to an outcry from people concerned about marketing that winks at prescription drug addiction.

Study: Marijuana Increases Risk of Stroke

One recent study found that smoking marijuana led to an increased risk of stroke, while another study found that marijuana users who had heart attacks were not more likely to die than non-marijuana users.

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