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Study: Liberal States Consume More Alcohol

Populations that are politically liberal end up drinking more per capita, a new study finds. Economists measured the alcohol consumption habits of people living in conservative states and people living in liberal states.

Study: Teen Drinking May Raise Risk For Early Dementia

Drinking as a teen may raise your risk of early dementia, a new study says. A Swedish study found that drinking heavily in adolescence was the most serious risk factor for experiencing young onset dementia.

Archbishop of Canterbury: “I Don’t Drink Alone”

The new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, says that his father’s alcoholism shaped his view “of what human beings are like” and led him to carefully monitor his own drinking habits.

Medical Marijuana Advocates Hope Lawsuit Will Reclassify Marijuana

A federal district court will soon hear a case that challenges the federal government to reclassify marijuana. Backed by groups like the American Medical Association and Americans for Safe Access, the case will go to court on October 16.

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