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FDA Requires Tougher Labels on Prescription Opioids

In response to the ongoing prescription drug overdose crisis, the Food and Drug Administration is requiring tougher warning labels for extended-release and long-acting prescription painkillers.

DEA Penalizes Walgreens For Violating Painkiller Rules

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has reached an $80 million settlement with Walgreens Pharmacies after the company violated rules about prescribing powerful and addictive painkillers.

Doctors in a Quandary over Prescription Pain Drugs

At a forum with the Minnesota Medical Association, doctors in Minnesota said they feel caught between patients who legitimately need prescription drugs and people who are addicted.

Ex-Heroin User Says Pregnancy Helped Her Beat Addiction

At her lowest point, Erin Genther used 20 bags of heroin a day just to prevent withdrawal symptoms. A positive pregnancy test finally helped provide a “powerful motivation to stay clean.”

Police Groups Question Tests for Marijuana-Impaired Driving

Illinois police groups are questioning the safeguards against marijuana-impaired driving. On Wednesday, they sent a letter to Gov. Pat Quinn warning that proposed legislation does not contain a clear way to determine driver impairment.

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