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Heroin Deaths Rising in Florida: Report

Heroin deaths are rising in Florida after a crackdown on prescription drug abuse, according to a new report from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. In the state overall, heroin deaths rose 89 percent from 2011 to 2012.

Study: Drinking Makes Teens More Popular

A recent study says drinking is linked to greater popularity and “social connectedness” for middle and high school students.

Former Athletes Face Addiction, Health Problems

According to a new British survey, almost one in four former athletes struggles with health, addiction or financial problems after retirement.

Poll: One in 10 Americans Has Used Another Person’s Prescription

A new poll from Reuters finds that one in ten Americans have taken drugs prescribed for other people. A quarter of the people who took other people’s drugs used the drugs just to get high.

Scientists Warn of “Overwhelming Cost” of Brain Diseases

Scientists warn that health systems may be “overwhelmed” if we don’t do more to tackle the problem of mental illness, including addiction. Brain disorders cost Britain alone $172 billion a year, more than any other group of chronic diseases.

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