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Advocates Call for Help, Not Stigma, for the Mentally Ill

Mental health advocates set the record straight about mental illness in a moving letter to the New York Daily News.

Clinton Speaks Out Against Prescription Drug Abuse

Former President Bill Clinton is lending his considerable clout to the fight against prescription drugs. At a NYU panel discussion on Monday, President Clinton pledged to lend his support to cut overdose deaths within five years.

Credit Card Sets Limits for People in Addiction Recovery

Three men in recovery have created a new tool to build money management skills in people recovering from addiction. The Next Step Prepaid MasterCard is a general purpose reloadable card “designed to support people in early addiction recovery.”

Europe Faces Onslaught of New Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic drug use in Europe is at an all-time high, with new synthetic substances appearing at an alarming rate. European drug agencies are detecting a new synthetic substance almost every week.

Researchers Make Breakthrough in Blocking Opioid Addiction

Researchers hope they have found a way to increase the effectiveness of opioid medications while also making them less addictive.

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