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Does Drinking Wine Protect Against Depression?

A new study says a glass of wine each week may protect your mental health by lowering your risk of depression. Previous studies have linked alcohol to an increased risk of depression.

Study: Toddler’s Personality May Predict Later Alcohol Use

Your toddler’s personality may help predict their alcohol use years later, a new study says. Toddlers with either low sociability or extroversion tended to become teen drinkers.

Study: Marijuana May Reduce Diabetes Risk

Could marijuana reduce diabetes risk? A new study has found that although marijuana users consume more food calories, they have lower rates of obesity and diabetes.

Calif. Company Proposes Marijuana Vending Machines

Some have noted that regulating marijuana’s advertising and access may prove to be as impossible as regulating junk food. One company has decided to pursue the junk food delivery model by using vending machines to sell marijuana in dispensaries.

Police Worry About Marijuana Legalization and Drugged Driving

Now that marijuana is legal, police in Washington and Colorado have to tackle the problem of keeping drugged drivers off of the road. Officials are especially worried about the road safety effect in Colorado.

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