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Legal Marijuana Raises Questions for Family Law

Legalized marijuana use will cause some complications in family law, two attorneys write. Drug use is often an issue in divorce and parenting cases, and it remains uncertain how judges will look at marijuana use now that it’s legal.

Communities Unite to Fight Rising Rates of Heroin Addiction

Communities across the country are mobilizing to fight heroin use as it spreads from urban to rural and suburban areas. People are working to raise awareness, educate youth, and get people into treatment quickly.

Report: Rx Abuse Poses Bigger Threat to US Drug Policy than Latin American Cartels

A recent report shows prescription drug abuse is one of our biggest health problems – responsible for more overdose deaths than from heroin and cocaine combined – calling into question the focus of US drug enforcement policy on Latin drug cartels.

New Poll Shows Strong Support for Legal Marijuana

A new national poll found that the majority of Americans favor legalizing and regulating marijuana in the way that cigarettes and alcohol are currently regulated.

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