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Study: Marijuana Use Makes Offspring More Prone to Addiction

A new study says marijuana use may make a user’s offspring more prone to drug addiction. In the words of the study’s senior author, marijuana use “affects not just those exposed, but has adverse effects on future generations.”

CDC Report: 38 Million Americans Drink Too Much

In a recent report, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that 38 million Americans drink to excess, but only one in six people had a doctor ask them about their alcohol use.

Heroin Spreads from Chicago Inner City to Suburbs

Heroin is devastating the city of Chicago, leading to addiction, overdose, gang violence, and a rise in murders. CBS News and “48 Hours” have an in-depth report on the drug war happening on Chicago’s city streets.

Study: Brits Underestimate Alcohol Use by Up to 60 Percent

According to a new survey, British people underestimate their alcohol consumption by up to 60 percent. Researchers compared statistics of alcohol consumption with how much people reported drinking. They found a wide gap between the two figures.

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