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ABC News’ Elizabeth Vargas: “I Am An Alcoholic”

This Friday on Good Morning America, ABC news anchor Elizabeth Vargas spoke of her struggle with alcoholism and how she got help.

School to Snip Students’ Hair for Alcohol Test

An Illinois high school will be testing students’ hair to find out if the kids have been drinking alcohol. St. Viator High School, a private Catholic school, will be adding random alcohol tests to its random drug tests.

Undercover Investigation Looks at Synthetic Drugs in US Military

An undercover investigation exposes synthetic drug use in the United States military. National Geographic sent an investigative journalist undercover with two Marines to purchase synthetic drugs like “bath salts” and “spice.”

Drug Czar: “Addiction is Not a Moral Failing”

At a talk at Johns Hopkins University, the drug czar outlined the Obama administration’s new drug strategy. The two-pronged approach includes treating drug addiction as a health problem but also enforcing current drug laws.

Colombia Tries Fighting Drug Addiction with Marijuana

Colombia is pursuing an approach to drug addiction untested in the United States—transitioning people from harder drugs to marijuana. Bogota will set up centers where drug users can ease out of using basuco and into marijuana.

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