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Matt Smith: Phoenix Houses of Texas Music / Studio Director

Matt SmithMatt Smith is an Austin based musician, author, teacher, producer and multi- instrumentalist. Matt has been teaching internationally for 32 years and is a senior faculty member at the National Guitar Workshop and Music/Studio Director at Phoenix House Academy in Austin, Texas. Matt was the international clinician for Ovation, Hamer and Takamine guitars for 25 years, performing master classes across the US, Canada and Europe.

Very few guitarists are able to jump styles like Matt. Blues, jazz, country, funk, folk – you name it. It’s rare to hear a player who is so good at so many things. That ability has made Matt one of the busiest players in New York.

He’s played the Blue Note as well as Carnegie Hall, Central Park Summerstage and Eisenhower Park with the NY Pops Orchestra. He’s performed with, opened for, or recorded with B.B. King, Sheryl Crow, Trey Anastasio, Al DiMeola, Greg Allman, Los Lobos, Johnny Winter, Buddy Guy, Adrian Legg, Ed Gerhard, Portishead and many others.

A born troubadour, Matt has performed at numerous international guitar festivals including the Bath International Guitar Festival and the Montreal Guitar Festival. He also does annual tours in the UK, Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland. Matt received a standing ovation at the 2007 and 2009 Acoustic Café at the NAMM show.

Matt Smith plays acoustic, electric and resonator guitars, mandolin, mandocello, Dobro, lapsteel, Tiple, banjo, ukulele, banjo uke, saz, cumbus, and charango.

Matt has begun work with a small cohort of clients from theAustin Academy in 2 weekly groups, totaling 4 hours.  He offers basic music skills and theory orientation, enabling the use of common language of the trade.   The emphasis of the program is to teach budding young musicians and future producers to utilize a critical ear in listening to the current popular music, and begin to analyze how their favorite artists produce their recordings.  Matt will build upon this new knowledge and help these young music industry moguls begin to learn the fine art of recording production.  The curricula is developed to provide the clients a 4 to 6 week program with both interactive classroom time and studio time, with the ultimate goal of the clients producing their own original recording.

Matt has shared his commitment, excitement and enthusiasm with staff as we have worked to pull this program together.  He shares a commitment to the Phoenix House mission and the population which we serve.

Guitar instructional books, DVDs and online video lessons:
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