True Story: Marian

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Marian“It was rough,” says Marian, who graduated from Phoenix House at 18. But, with skills she learned in treatment, she got an apartment, enrolled in college, found a job, and made friends who would support her new sober lifestyle.

When Marian entered Phoenix House as a teenager addicted to heroin, she was the youngest resident there, white, middle class, and the only Jew. “I didn’t realize I was an oddity until years later… For the first time, I was surrounded by people who understood me, who got me. I belonged.”

Marian recalls fondly the unconditional support and love she found at Phoenix House. She’s now a successful business owner with 40 years in recovery.

“I got into printing as a fluke,” Marian explains. She began by helping a friend who owned a screen printing factory. “I really liked it. Printing is fun. It’s instant gratification.”  So, in 1982, she started her own printing business, working out of her house. Next, she opened a factory, and today she proudly reports, “It’s grown tremendously.”

In addition to her career, Marian has volunteered over the years on numerous industry Boards and received many awards. She has also taught classes, mentored hundreds of up-and-coming women business owners and lends her business and printing expertise whenever recruited.

Over the years in recovery, Marian has had some rough patches to overcome and has rebuilt her life from the ground up. A fiercely independent career woman, she has been in a committed relationship for 17 years, and takes pride that she is still friends with the “girls” with whom she went to sleep-away camp. Marian’s personal and professional successes speak volumes about her dedication to a lasting recovery.

“If it weren’t for the Phoenix House staff all those years ago, I wouldn’t be the woman I am now,” she declares. ” They showed me that I am my own valuable commodity.”  And she urges men and women completing treatment today to bear in mind, “We are survivors and warriors, not victims.”



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  • Ron Maurer

    Very inspiring story. Thanks for sharing this

  • Karen

    U go girl!! Look at u now!! I love these stories. U were very young and very lucky to have people that weren’t even related to u to take u in at such a young age and teAch u the tools in life u would need to overcome ur struggles. And just look how u gave back to society. I’m so inspired!! Congrats on ur accomplishments.

  • Andy

    Hi Marien, thanks for sharing and giving back! Peace

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